Mark Willison, MFT / Licensed, Experienced & Professional

Mark Willison MFT23277Helping you experience life happier and healthier

Hi. I’m Mark Willison and I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I have been practicing on the Monterey Peninsula since 1983, providing counseling to individuals, couples and groups. Much of the therapy I provide is to adults experiencing difficulties with anxiety and / or depression, often associated with troubled relationships or transitions in life or work-related stress. Sometimes those conditions are so inter-related we don’t even recognize it until we begin the therapeutic process.

Also important to know too, is that for 26 years I directed programs for the treatment of chemical dependency, so I also work with people seeking to find sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Of course, I work with family members and loved ones too when it comes to addiction and it’s perils.

Finally, I have been providing EAP consulting, corporate trainings and personal performance training for career or sporting activities for more than twenty years. Read more about my specialties under their headings on this website.

I went to school where I grew up, in Bakersfield, California. I received both an undergraduate and graduate degree from the university there and did additional graduate study in hypnotherapy at UCLA and UCSB.

When I first moved to the Peninsula I made my living as a photographer and as a writer for a nationally broadcast television show. While fun and interesting, therapy work is what I love. I am married to a remarkable woman, I’m a pretty good golfer, yet still consider baseball to be America’s pastime.

And now, I have a dog, Bogey, that sometimes comes to the office with me. Look for Bogey in the “About” menu.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MFT23277