Anxiety & Stress

Let’s agree on something right away… having anxiety is no fun. Whether you have a mild sense of nervousness or a constant sense of doom, it’s anxiety and it is hard to live with. You might be afraid to fly or to meet new people, perhaps your fear is test taking or public speaking. In any case, anxiety is your body and mind responding to fear, even if you don’t understand today what it is you’re fearful of.

When you’re experiencing an episode of anxiety, it can affect your sleep, your thinking and your body. Anxiety can sometimes contribute to feelings of depression and the misuse or abuse of alcohol and or drugs.

Another type of an anxiety reaction is called a panic attack. This is an experience that seems to come out of nowhere and can involve chest pain, sweating, heavy breathing and fears of having a heart attack or dying.

Finally, sometimes anxiety is caused by phobias. Phobias can involve the fear of heights, dogs, snakes or anything you might fear. One phobia I often work with is called Social Phobia; where someone fears doing something in front of others that might be judged, ridiculed or rejected.

The good news in all of this is that you can learn to manage your anxiety and live a much more joy filled life. Through counseling and training you can manage or even overcome your anxiety altogether. Think about the possibilities… comfortably speaking in front of your peers, taking that hike you’ve always dreamed about, or petting the neighbor’s dog (or snake!) without fear.