Solution Focused Therapy

Mark Willison has been working with individuals and couples for more than 30 years. He is experienced and professional and ready to help you to find specific solutions that will make a difference in your life immediately.

The work I do, be it short-term or long-term therapy for individuals or couples, is focused on finding solutions to your problems. Trust me, it may not feel like it today, but there is a solution to what is affecting you and your life and how you feel right now. Solution-focused therapy will help you get to a healthier place faster – Mark Willison



In individual therapy your goal might be to discover why you’re feelings anxious or depressed or dissatisfied; in your career, in your relationship or retirement. Or, perhaps you’re interested in exploring what would bring you happiness next. The beauty of individual therapy is that it’s your time alone to explore whatever you choose. A rare experience these days in this far too busy world.





In couples therapy the ultimate goal is fairly clear… to achieve a more intimate, satisfying relationship. By identifying what is not working in your current relationship, we’ll work together to develop solutions that improve how you listen and share with one another, how you resolve conflict and how you chose to express and receive love.

In your most important relationship you should not settle for anything short of a joyful, loving commitment to one another.


                                                                      ~ Trust grows like the sun warms… ~