Pain Management

I’ve played sports all my life. Thus, I have had my share my serious pain. In fact, I’ve had two surgeries on my back, one on a shoulder and another on a wrist! Yet, I remain active and an avid golfer today in part due of my attitude about and management of my pain (credit too must be given to my surgeons and physical therapist).

Pain is an experience that can affect your life in many adverse ways. Certainly it can affect your mood, thus affecting relationships, your work and play performance, your sleep and appetite and many more parts of your everyday existence.

There are two types of pain to consider:

  • Chronic pain is classified as pain that persists for a period of a month or more beyond the normal recovery time of an illness, or pain that persists for several months or years as a result of a chronic condition, and can be of any intensity. Low-level chronic pain can be debilitating, too.
  • Acute pain is a short-lived condition within the normal experience of an acute illness or injury. Hypnosis may be very helpful to you with both of these conditions. Rather than using habitual pain-killing drugs, requiring higher and higher doses, learn how hypnosis works in a safer, healthier way to get you back to feeling better and doing what you want to do.
  • If you’re active, from time to time you’re going to experience an injury. Hopefully a small injury, but even those hamper you getting out and enjoying your passion. While continuing to work with your physician or physical therapist, learn, through hypnosis how you can expedite your recovery.

    Contact Mark if you’re interested in learning how to manage your pain and improve your recovery time.



Surgery of any kind can be pretty scary. Someone is going to be cutting on your body, you may be sedated or given an anesthesia, and the sights and sounds of a hospital and operating room can be frightening. You might be away from your home for days or more. Using hypnosis and relaxation techniques will help you prepare for and heal following your surgical procedure. Together we will create a voice recording specifically for you and your needs. You can use this personal recording as often as needed prior to and following your procedure.